Desktop Battle Alpha 3 Changelog

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How to make the game run:

Open the .zip file, then drag/drop the “Desktop Battle” folder anywhere you want. Once it’s unzipped, open the folder and run “Desktop Battle.exe”.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move
  • Move mouse and click to shoot
  • Q to switch weapons


  • Save and SaveData classes, used to Save/Load the game using serialized XML
    • The save file is in the game's install location, named savegame.xml
  • Crosshair cursor
  • Custom List, Stack, and Queue data structures
  • Stack of bullets to recycle the same bullets in memory
  • Queue of enemies that spawn into the room on an interval
  • Remove all bullets onscreen when a new room loads
  • Hero and Gun rotate to face the mouse
  • New enemy: Key
    • Chases the Hero, has low hp


  • Moved the onscreen Bullet list and Bullet stack to Hero.cs
  • Fixed ToString in Weapon and Sprite so that the names of the objects are properly displayed
  • Made Room code able to handle multiple levels
  • Enemies spawn farther to the right side of the screen
  • The M16 now shoots bullets at an angle
  • Improved weapon switching code to prevent crash early in the game
  • Made the instructions in the first room easier to comprehend