Creating Maps for Robot Ghosts


The general features needed from any level editor are:

With that in mind, here are some suggestions for tools that we are mulling over:

Tiled #

Pros: Open-source, customizable, GUI
Cons: No 3D, needs multiple converter scripts to be written to work for our needs

GtkRadiant #

Pros: Open-source, 3D, used for some popular games
Cons: Toolchain is probably way outside our scope

In-game level editor #

There are some interesting things we can do if we roll our own editor. Foremost, we can ship the game with a built-in level editor. This would also allow for the fastest iteration of level design and testing.

Features specifically for an in-game editor:

Pros: Does exactly what we want it to do with no unneeded features
Cons: We have to make it

What to choose? #

We will be exploring all available options and coming to a decision in the next couple weeks. Everyone agrees that an in-game editor would be amazing, but it may well involve the most amount of work and time. Stay tuned!


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