Oculus D-Rift Project Proposal


Title of Hack - Oculus D-Rift

Short Description of Hack - Make D bindings for the Oculus Rift API.

Software Libraries Needed - Oculus Rift SDK, SWIG, dub

Upstream Distribution Repository - DUB Registry

Open Hardware Needed - 1x Oculus Rift Developer Kit

Team Members - Daniel Jost, Colden Cullen

Upstream Mentors - Chris Egert, D Forums, #D IRC, Oculus Developer Forums

License - MIT

Project Milestones

Week 2 - Create the bindings with SWIG.
Week 3 - Fix any and all bugs in the binding.
Week 4 - Create tests for the dynamic linking.
Week 5 - Make a logo, package it up, and post it on the D forums and DUB Registry.


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