Community Contribution - Dash


I have been the primary champion of game developers for the Dash engine for the last few months. So far, I have made 33 issues, 25 of which have been closed. Many of the issues have come about from my work on Spectral Robot Task Force, a game meant to drive the development of Dash forward as a game-ready engine.

Since I said all that's needed for class credit, I want to take a moment and offer my thoughts about Dash at this stage in its life. This project has grown to be so much more than just a class project for everyone involved, and we're barely even started. When we made the decision to open-source the engine, I was thinking it would be a way to showcase the team's code to future employers and maybe attract one or two interested developers at some point. But my views changed radically since we began. Now we talk about filling the gap between XNA and Unity by taking the best features from both, and I have no doubt about the team's ability to fulfill that vision. Already we have 13 watchers, 31 stars, and 24 forks, numbers that will probably be laughable in a couple months.

Spectral Robot Task Force and Dash are two of the most exciting things that I've ever worked on. Circular Studios is just a group of friends working together, and they're the reason I want to keep working on these projects.


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