Final Countdown to Advfoss


Our last assignment for my Advanced FOSS class is to open 10 issues on Github and close 5 of them in a week. And so, I present a list of issues:

Dash - Lazy Object Loading

Currently Dash loads every mesh, texture, and prefab into memory at startup. As games grow over time developers should have more control over the loading and unloading of those assets in order to keep the computer happy.

Dash - XInput support

Dash has always supported the keyboard and mouse. Looking forward, the engine should be able to support all kinds of input devices, and XInput will give as a large variety of input methods on Windows.

Sample Dash Game - Add a camera script

Dash intentionally does not provide a camera script to game developers, but having a sample of the camera we use in Spectral Robot Task Force would be a good jumping-off point for other developers writing their own camera.

Stats At Last - Update

The landing page for Stats At Last was created in about 10 minutes as a placeholder, I need to give it a little love. Check out the before and after:

before - Add a README

The README is the first point of contact when visiting from github or looking at project files, I should use it to talk about how I structure my content and how to build/update the site. - Update projects page

I need to add Spectral Robot Task Force, Dash, and Stats At Last to my projects. - Update and improve homepage

This is a few different tasks clumped together, but basically it boils down to updating the images to be recent projects and making the have a prettier hover effect. - Write a description for the About page

codeRIT needs some text to explain why the group exists, what we do, how to get involved, etc.

PuzzleDash - Add installation instructions to README

First-time users / players need to know how to build the game since there is currently no pre-built version to download and run.

image-breakpoints - Provide Usage Example

I found this project via Paul Irish, but I am not a savvy-enough PHP developer to know how to use this. An example would be really helpful.


Thanks for reading. If you want to chat about this article, hit me up on Twitter.